Magali Mattar, LL.M.

Meet the Team of experts - Photo of Magali Joanna Mattar, person in business suit, smiling, female, gallantly, standing upright

Magali is in charge of communicating with harmed companies, as well as identifying, reporting and correcting anomalies in the data collection process. She also does research on jurisdictions where violations of competition law have taken place.

Prior to joining CDC, she worked in strategic litigation in matters of high levels of corruption in the Mexican criminal justice system. She also has experience with international organisations and worked for the Belgian Embassy. She holds a LL.B. in European law from Maastricht University and a LL.M. in international law from the Graduate Institute of Geneva. Moreover, she had the opportunity to study law in Singapore as well as conduct a research stay in Mexico in the field of criminal international cooperation.

In her free time, she is passionate about crossfit and plays the piano. She also enjoys going to music festivals, travelling and learning languages.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Dutch, Polish