Viktoria Speyerer, M.A.

Meet the Team of experts - Photo of Viktoria Speyerer, person in business suit, smiling, female, friendly, standing upright

Viktoria is responsible for the proper contract generation and management of the relevant documents. She contributes with her structured thinking and strong communication skills in the preparation and management of the data collection process. Specialised in quantitative and qualitative statistics, international affairs as well as communications, Viktoria provides an excellent methodical and statistical background.

After her masters degree she worked as a single point of contact and proactive project manager for start-up businesses in Western Palatinate, Germany. Subsequent to her work with knowledge-based and technology-oriented start-ups Viktoria joined CDC in 2018. Viktoria studied social and communication science with an economics focus in Trier and Dresden.

Viktoria is keenly interested in different cultures and enjoys cooking, tailoring, and is always open to new experiences.

Languages: German, English and Russian