12 May 2021 | Trucks Cartel Case | Amsterdam District Court rules in favour of CDC in a key judgment, confirming the binding effect of the entire European Commission’s decision, the scope and nature of the Trucks cartel as well as the likeliness of a damage caused.
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For Companies

Damaged companies are entitled to full compensation if they have been a victim of competition law infringements.

For Trade Associations

Members of trade associations adversely affected by competition law infringements qualify for full compensation.

For Lawyers

Law firms throughout Europe trust CDC Cartel Damage Claims due to our expertise and unrivalled track record.


We are the pioneer and leader in obtaining antitrust damages in Europe. We have a multidisciplinary and international team comprised of legal, economic, funding, data collection, IT and negotiation experts dedicated to obtaining optimal antitrust compensation. This design allows companies to outsource the antitrust recovery process to CDC and return focus to their core business.


We fully align our interests with those of the damaged companies. CDC works on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis unless requested otherwise. This means we assume all costs and risks, and only receive a reasonable share of the compensation when the case prevails.


We do not settle for sub-optimum results. We have an unrivalled track record demonstrating our effective approach in achieving optimum damage compensation. To date, CDC has claimed over two billion euros in damages and has been successful in 100% of the cases pursued.


Our approach is referred to as the model for antitrust recovery by notable entities, such as the European Commission, the European Court of Justice, the European Parliament, CEOs, in-house counsels, academics and professors.


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