Economic Analysis

With a comprehensive database and vast market data, CDC is in an advantageous position to conduct a thorough economic analysis of cartel damages and provide well-founded conclusions of market-wide effects from cartel impact as well as the amount of damage suffered by individual companies. When cooperating with CDC, damaged companies profit from this fully integrated economic analysis with a company-specific estimate of damages.

Establishing the theory of harm

In all of our cases, we prepare a state-of-the-art economic analysis that integrates all data with economic and statistical knowledge to develop a coherent theory of harm. In this respect, CDC cooperates with renowned academics who are recognised as leading experts in the field of industrial economics and econometrics. Our econometric and economic analysis aims at establishing a theory of harm that is concise and understandable, particularly for judges.


Although CDC tries to find amicable solutions at any point in time, the filing of a legal action and court enforcement is often necessary. We have an experienced and skilled team of in-house legal counsels specialising in competition law and procedural law to effectively manage and coordinate complex litigation procedures Europe-wide. In court proceedings CDC is always represented by first class lawyers specialised in litigation and dispute resolution.

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