Dr Carsten Krüger

Meet the Team of experts - Photo of Carsten Krüger, person in business suit, glasses with dark frames, smiling, male, gallantly, standing upright

Carsten heads CDC’s litigation activities from the Kaiserslautern office. Cooperating with CDC’s external attorneys, he has successfully coordinated and supported different legal proceedings before national and European courts. He is also engaged in the European-wide policy activities of CDC as an acknowledged expert in private antitrust matters.

Previously, Carsten worked as a competition lawyer in several German law firms. He is a frequent speaker at conferences (including renowned expert panels of national competition authorities, the American Bar Association, the Verein für Socialpolitik in Germany, and the Forum für Zivilrecht in Austria, for example) and a contributor to a German handbook on private antitrust enforcement. Furthermore, he has published different professional articles, also on collective redress, as well as a doctoral thesis about the joint and several liability of cartel members.

In addition to his law studies in Bayreuth, Carsten has completed studies in business and economics with an emphasis on competition (‘Business Lawyer (Univ. Bayreuth)’). He has also obtained a LL.M. in International Competition Law and Policy in Norwich. Carsten is also a fully qualified lawyer admitted to the German Bar.

Berlin-born Carsten is interested in politics and history, audio books and movies, but often he just tries to keep himself above water when doing lengths in the swimming pool.

Languages:  German and English