Claims Acquisition

CDC bundles competition claims in one action to obtain optimal results.  

Reaching the critical mass

In order to attain the critical mass required to merit enforcement activities, CDC proceeds to its claims acquisition phase. CDC ensures full confidentiality to participating companies throughout the entire antitrust compensation process. Achieving critical mass facilitates successful settlements and improves the negotiation position vis-à-vis the often economically stronger cartel members.

Horizontal and vertical bundling

The bundling approach can include claims of companies from the same market level (horizontal bundling) or companies from different market levels (vertical bundling). Bundling claims along the supply chain can be an effective solution to counter the so-called passing-on defence which is usually raised by cartel members. Chances of recovering damages increase if the interests of damaged companies along different market levels are aligned.

The bundling of claims is effective and cost efficient for all parties involved. Even cartel members profit from the bundling of claims; it allows cartel members to respond to their liability and to settle claims in one single action.


The analysis of antitrust damages is only as strong as the explanatory power of the underlying data. Meaningful data is required to demonstrate and corroborate damages as well as prove the causality of a cartel for price effects. CDC has developed optimal solutions to deliver court-proof evidence through specifically designed databases and IT tools.

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