Data Collection

The analysis of antitrust damages is only as strong as the explanatory power of the underlying data. Meaningful data is required to demonstrate and corroborate damages as well as prove the causality of a cartel for price effects. CDC has developed optimal solutions to deliver court-proof evidence through specifically designed databases and IT tools.

Database Building and Information Technology Navigation

The identification strong supporting data requires extensive experience in both the economic and legal complexities of antitrust claims. CDC has the experience and know how to identify, collect and analyse the relevant data for each case, which has led to the creation of a comprehensive database that is unparalleled in Europe.

Importance of market-wide data

CDC collects relevant data from numerous companies damaged by the same cartel. The aggregate dataset creates a complete picture of the respective market, which is unrivalled in its breadth, depth, detail and reliability. Supported by this data, CDC can convincingly demonstrate price developments and cartel effects in the market under investigation, and if needed across different market levels and various countries.

Overcoming the information asymmetry

CDC´s data collection approach overcomes the information asymmetry between cartel members and cartel victims. The shortage of information on the damage caused by secret cartels is one of the most challenging obstacles to obtaining compensation for damages. In contrast, our comprehensive database enables a sound economic analysis of the damages suffered by each individual company. Single cartel victims usually do not have such a broad set of relevant data at their disposal.

The data are collected via an automated data import procedure. During the entire process we ensure the confidentiality of all data received. No damaged company has access to data and information that CDC has received from other companies.


With a comprehensive database and vast market data, CDC is in an advantageous position to conduct a thorough economic analysis of cartel damages and provide well-founded conclusions of market-wide effects from cartel impact as well as the amount of damage suffered by individual companies. When cooperating with CDC, damaged companies profit from this fully integrated economic analysis with a company-specific estimate of damages.

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