Decoding Transaction Data in Private Competition Law Damage Litigations: Efficient data management in legal proceedings

In private damage litigations, the effective management of transaction data stands as a pivotal element in building compelling cases. Transaction data plays a central role in the substantiation of a claim, establishing causation, quantifying damages, and pre-emptively addressing defence strategies.

The intricacies of transaction data management present unique challenges, from handling extensive paper-based evidence to ensuring data relevance, integrity, and compliance with data protection regulations. This article explores the complexities of transaction data management within competition law litigations, offering insight into best practices and the evolving landscape of data management technologies.

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Challenges in Quantifying Private Antitrust Damages: Addressing Data Availability and Reliability

This article explores the complexities surrounding the quantification of damages and the issue of data asymmetry in private antitrust damage actions in Europe. It delves into the challenges claimants face in quantifying the actual harm caused by anticompetitive behaviour. The article also discusses the role of disclosure rules in promoting fair access to evidence and proposes potential solutions to mitigate the information disparity between claimants and defendants.

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General Court entirely dismisses Scania’s appeal and confirms Scania’s participation in the Truck Cartel

On 2 February 2022, the General Court of the European Union rendered its judgment in the Case T-799/17, Scania and Others v Commission. The Court dismissed in its entirety the appeal brought by Scania AB, Scania CV AB, and Scania Deutschland GmbH, against the decision of the European Commission of 27 September 2017 in Case AT.39824 – Trucks imposing a fine of EUR 880 million on Scania for its participation in the European Trucks Cartel. The General Court confirmed Scania’s involvement in the single and continuous infringement and rejected all arguments presented by Scania.

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